Klyn Elsbury

Sales Strategy that Creates Unprecedented Growth and a Competitive Advantage

Klyn Elsbury – 2x international best selling author, leading global speaker, and consultant. Winner of Vistage Top Performer award two years in a row. 

About Klyn

Klyn Elsbury, a resilient business owner and 2x author, hosts transformative workshops on sales strategies and mindset shifts, drawing from her extraordinary journey managing cystic fibrosis and diabetes with unwavering determination. 

Despite early career detours, Klyn’s 20th hospital stay sparked a passion for negotiation gleaned from her parents’ experiences. Leaving the world of recruiting in 2019, she founded MK Foundation to empower high achievers to unlock their potential through strategic negotiation and sales tactics.

Enduring 74 hospitalizations from her condition, Klyn launched the UNSTUCK YOURSELF workshop & book to help those facing persistent challenges achieve a brighter future. Blending neuroscience techniques with sales and negotiation strategies from SCALE YOUR SALESFORCE, she has won several awards as a top performer, empowering legal, recruiting, and healthcare professionals to embrace sales as a catalyst for growth and fulfillment.

Now embarking on a 107-city tour in 2024 with a dedicated team, Klyn continues to champion the transformative power of negotiation, reminding us that resilience and strategic thinking can lead to unparalleled success and purpose in business and life.


Learn how to create your custom sales playbook,
shortening the training cycle of new sales hires
and improving the KPI’s of those already on your team.

We will discuss:

✔ Increasing closing ratios

✔ Shortening transaction time

✔ Increasing transaction size

✔ Improving cross-selling and upselling opportunities 

✔ How to motivate and incentivize salespeople

Klyn Elsbury Half Day workshop


Based on Klyn’s best selling book, “Unstuck Yourself” equips sales teams, high performance teams, and leadership teams with tools to improve focus, productivity, and resilience.

Together we will:

✔ Establish a pattern breaking approach that removes all obstacles

✔ Cleanse the past emotional blocks that are stunting success and relationships

✔ Establish high performance process to easily tackle any challenge with enjoyment.

how to live like your dying

From Klyn’s own personal experiences living in hospitals for months at a time, speaking with patients and families of the terminally ill, your audience will hear about best practices on overcoming challenges, lessons learned from the most dire of situations, and receive upliing yet tangible take-aways they can implement on the job immediately.

In this highly requested Keynote, listeners will learn:

✔ 3 Ways Adversity Can Destroy You or Fuel You

✔ How to Broaden Solution Options In Times of Diculty

✔ A Technique to Deepen Any Fractured Relationship Easily and Eortlessly

Two-Day Sales Strategy Bootcamp

A high interactive and street-proven complete system of sales training designed to create sales growth, fast!

Companies will optimize the performance of their sales teams by writing their sales scripts and creating playbooks that retain, train, and increase the performance of salespeople.

Klyn’s team will coordinate lodging, dining, and other necessary amenities to ensure that your team avoids the stress.

Over the two days, your team will learn:

✔ Methods for increasing closing ratios

✔ Transaction time length reduction

✔ Transaction size improvement

✔ How to increase customer satisfaction

✔ Process to motivate and incentivize employees



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