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About Klyn

My name is Klyn Elsbury. I am a business owner, and 2x author, who happens to host workshops and trainings on all things relating to sales tips and mindset shifts. I am also an athlete, love country music, go to church regularly, giggle a lot, have too much energy, and take up to 40 medications a day to manage my cystic fibrosis and diabetes.

I am not originally from CA, but it is where I have lived for the last 15 years. I’m a midwest girl who spent some time in Florida/Georgia/Texas/Omaha. Where to next?!

I started school wanting to be a lawyer but the doctors said I wouldn’t live long enough. I switched to wanting to be a high school teacher until my advisor said I wasn’t in the right major.

During my 20th hospitalization (70+ total), I would read Selling Power Magazine, and there was a quote on one of the pages I’ve never forgotten,

“In life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you can negotiate.”

Watching my mom negotiate medical bills, and my dad negotiate throughout his career in sales; I became fascinated with helping others learn negotiation tactics to afford a higher quality of life for their loved ones (just like my family did for me).


And in 2019; I left the world of recruiting to write my 2nd book on sales & negotiation and built my business, MK Foundation.

I loved working in groups and being around high achievers who can admit that some days, they just want MORE. More success, more time with family, more love… You get the point. And knowing we’re all just one negotiation away from more…

WHICH brings me to today. I knew it then and know it even more now. You all are HIGH ACHIEVERS. But life got hard, and you didn’t get what you deserved. So THE RESET workshop was born for those who just seem to be having a really bad day, sometimes for years at a time.

Eventually, I figured out how to blend the neuroscience tactics of THE RESET program with the negotiation tactics and sales operations behind SCALE YOUR SALESFORCE and well… here we are folks!

I toured in 86 cities this year!
So fast forward to today, 4 people on my team later, and the WILDEST few years of my life.

I’m on tour in 72 cities in 2024; mostly helping business owners within the legal field, recruiting field, and healthcare learn that sales isn’t a bad word…and that even when times are hard; we are one negotiation away from a higher quality business, life, and purpose on the planet.


Learn how to create your custom sales playbook,
shortening the training cycle of new sales hires
and improving the KPI’s of those already on your team.

We will discuss:

✔ Increasing closing ratios

✔ Shortening transaction time

✔ Improving transaction size

✔ Increasing customer satisfaction

✔ Developing a process to motivate and incentivize employees

Klyn Elsbury Half Day workshop


The Total Reset equips sales teams, high
performance teams, and leadership teams with
tools to improve focus, productivity, and

Together we will:

✔ Establish a pattern breaking approach that removes all obstacles

✔ Cleanse the past emotional blocks that are stunting success and relationships

✔ Establish high performance process to easily tackle any challenge with enjoyment.



From Klyn’s own personal experiences living in hospitals for months at a time, speaking with patients and families of the terminally ill, your audience will hear about best practices on overcoming challenges, lessons learned from the most dire of situations, and receive upliing yet tangible take-aways they can implement on the job immediately.

In this highly requested Keynote, listeners will learn:

✔ 3 Ways Adversity Can Destroy You or Fuel You

✔ How to Broaden Solution Options In Times of Diculty

✔ A Technique to Deepen Any Fractured Relationship Easily and Eortlessly

Klyn Elsbury
Klyn Elsbury at her desk

Two-Day Workshops

Is your sales team stuck by their own fear, stubbornness, or expertise? Using tactics rooted in neuroscience, these two day events get members of your organization out of their typical space, both physically and mentally.

Companies will spend time getting to know each other on a more intimate level, and learning how to optimize the performance of their sales teams.

Klyn’s team will coordinate lodging, dining, and other necessary amenities to ensure that your team avoids the stress. Specific requests to tailor this workshop to your team members? Give us a heads up and we will do our best to make it happen.

Over the two days, your team will learn:

✔ Methods for increasing closing ratios

✔ Transaction time length reduction

✔ Transaction size improvement

✔ How to increase customer satisfaction

✔ Process to motivate and incentivize employees

✔ Captivating group activities that can be facilitated during and after the event

All attendees will also leave with a Full Sales Playbook and an Interviewing Guide.

Can’t make it in person?

Try one of our virtual workshops.

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