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Klyn offers on-site keynotes, half and full-day workshops, virtual challenges, and 2-day retreats.


Half-Day Workshop

Significant identification and transcendence of current and past circumstances to reach optimum performance. Shed old processes to clear the path. Create new behaviors and mental patterns. Integrate processes to execute at higher levels with more enjoyment and greater gratitude for life.

Recent studies from Harvard, Yale, and MIT have proven that in all sizes of companies, mental health issues can prevent us from being present, focused and engaged in our work. For sales and high-performance teams, this can lead to burnout, resentment among leadership, absenteeism, and difficult relationships in the office or even at home.

In this half-day workshop, Klyn will help you with:

  • Identifying patterns that are blocking the path to success
  • Removing thinking and behaviors that are creating obstacles
  • Establishing a simple process to transcend circumstances, internal and external.


Full-Day Workshop

The full-day workshop equips sales teams, high-performance teams, and leadership teams with tools to improve focus, productivity, and resilience.

Many of today’s toughest struggles, don’t have to be as challenging as we make them out to be.  Far too often, we’re taught that the key to success is to “grind” and “push forward”.  What if, instead, the solution was to recognize the thoughts that aren’t serving us and learn how to dismiss them?  Then…when we can spot a thought that is helpful for us, we can lean into it and leverage it for growth.

Studies have shown that becoming mindful decreases our flight, fight, or freeze responses while increases the part of our brain responsible for optimism, relaxation, and happiness. Ready-to-Die Mindset is an incredibly powerful framework you can use to decrease any of life’s stresses.

In this full-day workshop, Klyn will help you with:

  • Establishing a pattern-breaking approach that removes all obstacles
  • Cleansing the past emotional blocks that are stunting success and relationships
  • Establishing high-performance process to easily tackle any challenge with enjoyment.


Klyn has given more than 150 inspirational talks to a variety of industries. Her message is easily adapted and personalized to fit your unique objectives. Your attendees will laugh and shed a tear, as they reconnect to what truly matters in life. Klyn’s inspiring keynote lives on in the hearts of attendees long after the stage is torn down.

Perfect if your conference theme is about:

  • Overcoming uncertainty
  • Reaching higher, stronger, faster
  • Creating meaning through connection

Want a more personalized experience?


Two-Day Retreat

For those who want to become masters of their destiny, they must come to terms with the most personal elements that keep them from elevating. This requires intensive study and the support of peers. The two-day tests you in every way to analyze your life, create a personal ikigai, and achieve a misogi that reminds you who you are so you can leverage the experience for the rest of your life when you are tested by circumstances.

By invitation only, Klyn carefully curates peer groups to learn and grow together with the powerful techniques of transcendence.

Set in idyllic areas of nature, these unique experiences offer a chance to deeply explore the areas of mind, body, and soul required for full integration.

You will have the time and support to accomplish a complete reset and transcendence of all current and past circumstances. Create new behaviors and mental patterns and integrate processes to execute at higher levels with more enjoyment and greater gratitude for life.

Featuring world-class sound healers, breath work practitioners, nutritionists, and meditation experts, this 2 – Day Immersive Experience is life-transformative.

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